Wool Men’s Bathing Suits Got Me Itchin’ For More

I must thank my fabulous friend Tawnya Griffith. She is an amazing stage actress (you can Google her I’m sure) with a personality that is larger than Carrot Top’s eerie muscles and hair combined. That’s saying a lot.
Ms. Tawnya gave me a beautiful collection of Victorian era items to drool over and fuss with. She did include a few items from the 1920s. Two of the greatest pieces to hold in my hand from the ’20s were from her dear Uncle. His bathing suits. To think that men strutted around in wool bathing suits, and clearly women did too, is such a foreign idea now. For whatever reason, I can look back on photographs of the men in these suits and see the dapper fellow’s innate beauty rather than any foolishness. Trends change, obviously, or we wouldn’t be so in love with fashion. I love the rare piece, that despite being outdated and left behind, doesn’t strike me as silly or very odd.
I will say if given the choice, on any given day, whether to behold a Speedo or a wool men’s bathing suit, I’d be in the wool bathing suit column. Triple-fold. (By now it’s obvious I’m American. But I have to believe that somewhere in Greece there is a Grecian woman scrunching up her nose at a poorly worn speedo; as the masses of wearers generally wear them poorly. That will suffice the sweeping generalizations for now).
Ms. Tawnya gave me delightful details of her uncle preening and fawning over himself just before taking a dive in to the pool from the heights of a majestic diving board. He was wearing the brilliant blue and black wool suit that I now own and love. I shall never part with it.
So, if it were up to you, and we’re including the general American public. What do you vote for (ladies encouraged to speak up) Speedos or Woolen Throwbacks?


About sweetsugarbunny

I am a total vintage fanatic. I sell some things on Bonanza, and other online spots from time to time. I collect vintage fashion magazines, books, all kinds of wonderment!
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